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The winners at a glance

On Monday, 43.59 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot across the territory. Take a look back at the profiles and priorities of those who have just been elected by clicking on the winner's name. To get a sense of how the winners stand on some of the key issues, click here


Deh Cho - Michael Nadli 

Frame Lake - Kevin O'Reilly

Great Slave - Glen Abernethy

Hay River North - Rocky (R.J.) Simpson

Hay River South - Wally Schumann

Inuvik Boot Lake - Alfred Moses

Inuvik Twin Lakes - Robert C. McLeod

Kam Lake - Kieron Testart

Mackenzie Delta - Frederick Blake Jr. (no information provided before election)

Monfwi - Jackson Lafferty (acclaimed)

Nahendeh - Shane Thompson

Nunakput - Herbert Nakimayak

Range Lake - Caroline Cochrane-Johnson

Sahtu - Daniel McNeely (no information provided before election)

Thebacha - Louis Sebert

Tu Nedhe-Wiilideh - Tom Beaulieu

Yellowknife Centre - Julie Green 

Yellowknife North - Cory Vanthuyne

Yellowknife South - Bob McLeod


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