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McLeod back for another round

Family and friends gathered at Robert C. McLeod's house earlier this evening to support him in his ultimately victorious efforts as MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes.

Having dozens of family and friends over for food and fun is nothing new for the McLeod's, even on election nights. 

Robert C. McLeod was elected to a fourth term in office earlier this evening, beating out challenger Jimmy Kalinek in the Twin Lakes electoral district. Splitting his time between media demands downstairs and his family upstairs, he continued a running commentary on the results of the territorial election. 

"It's exciting to have everyone here for this," said Sharla Greenland, though she noted that while there was a lot of energy in the air, no one had been unduly stressed.

"My dad never took anything for granted," said Kim Wainman. "He really worked hard for it, really put in the effort."

While some crowded around the television, others crowded into a room with a computer, hitting refresh on the results page again and again. Still others were glued to their phones, watching for the latest changes and reporting them to the room. As some of McLeod's colleagues from the 17th Assembly fell to newcomers, including Jane Groenewegen in Hay River South and David Ramsay in Kam Lake, the Twin Lakes incumbent pulled further ahead. A great cheer rose up when the victor was announced, filling the house.

"There was some nervous anticipation," he said. "But we felt pretty comfortable... I'm feeling pretty good; ready to get to work in the 18th Assembly."


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