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Nakehk'o congratulates Thompson

Deneze Nakehk'o, left, congratulates newly elected Nahendeh MLA Shane Thompson.

In the wake of Thompson's win in Nahendeh, Deneze Nakehk'o dropped by the celebration to add his congratulations and well-wishes to the mix.

Thompson said when votes first started coming in, things didn't look too good for him and he was behind in Trout Lake. However, after polls began to announce official results, he knew his team was having success.

Thompson describes Fort Liard as the "wild card, because Randy Sibbeston and Deneze Nakehk'o did such a good job there."

"We need everyone to work together for our region," Thompson said. That includes all the candidates and their campaign staff, he said.

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

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