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Fullerton: 'I think I'll be back in four years'

Although her bid for a seat in the legislative assembly was ultimately unsuccessful, Jan Fullerton says she's happy to see so many new faces heading into office. 
"I certainly appreciate everyone who ran in Frame Lake," she says, describing the race as "very civil". She says it was that civility that helped make running for office a positive experience for first-time candidates like her. 
She hopes the new people in territorial government will result in a new dynamic at the legislature, which she says has become very negative and combative in recent years. 
And although she may not be the new MLA for Frame Lake, that doesn't mean she won't take another run at territorial politics. Though she has to see how new government fares, she says she's confident she would run again. 
"I think I'll be back in four years," she says.

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