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Jimmy Kalinek philosophical in defeat

Family and friends surround Jimmy Kalinek at Martha Blake's house the night of the election.

While it wasn't a win for Inuvik Twin Lakes candidate Jimmy Kalinek this time, he wasn't too discouraged. 

"I hope people take something home from this," he said, shortly after the announcement that incumbent Robert C. McLeod had taken the district. "60 per cent didn't vote."

Surrounded by his family at Martha Blake's house, Kalinek watched the results roll out earlier this evening. At 9:20, with six out of eight polls reporting, the tally was 261 for McLeod and 173 for Kalinek. Children, parents and elders alike scanned the screen for updates and stayed hopeful right until the end. Kalinek said he hopes his campaign showed young people they could step forward and make a difference. 

"It's hard to get people out to vote," he said. "There are over 1,000 people who can vote in Twin lakes and they're lucky to get 400 out. We've been trying to get people out who don't normally vote, but you can only preach so much; then they have to get out and do it."

Kalinek also said he agreed with what people had been saying about him and how he was characterized in the media as the young upstart. 

"They said I was this unknown young guy who stepped up and make [McLeod] work for it," he said. "It's important to give people a choice. Win or lose, if they want to keep him, at least they voted him in and he wasn't acclaimed."

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

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