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Abernethy, Bromley visit assembly

Bob Bromley, left, speaks with re-elected Great Slave MLA Glen Abernethy in the Great Hall of the legislative assembly just after 10:40 p.m.

Glen Abernethy, an incumbent who has declared victory over Chris Clarke in the Great Slave electoral district, has stopped by the Great Hall of the legislative assembly. 

Abernethy walked into the building at 10:40 p.m. followed by Bob Bromley, who decided not to run again in this election. 

Abernethy captured 511 votes to Clarke's 135 with 10 of 11 polls reporting on the Elections NWT website. 

The Great Hall is hosting a public viewing of the election results. While earlier in the evening there were only nine members of the public, there are now more than a dozen. 

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

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