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Hawkins flag returned

Yellowknife Centre candidate Robert Hawkins said he was pleasantly surprised see one of his five campaign flags returned after it went missing Sunday.

Hawkins said he posted a note about it on Facebook when he learned the sign was missing, offering a reward for its safe return. He said he waited about six hours before a couple phoned him and told him exactly where it could be found.

“It was standing next to the flag pole at Mildred Hall School,” said Hawkins. “They said they saw some kids trying to toss it onto the roof.”

Hawkins said he happily paid the reward – offering to buy the couple lunch – and collected his standard.

“I thought it was gone,” he said, adding the flags can't be driven into the ground as securely as the wooden signs.

Hawkins said campaign sign tampering is par for the course. He said a couple weeks back someone cut the eyes out of one of his wooden signs.

“It's a case of taking it down and putting up another one,” he said.

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