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Herb Nakimayak, Nunakput

Family status: Single

Age: 41

Residence: Paulatuk, NT

Education: Entrepreneurship studies, marketing (Mount Royal), project management/leadership essentials/human resources (Algonquin College), gas plant operator (NAIT)

Experience: Back country patrolman/warden-Parks Canada, plant superintendent-NTPC, project manager, logistics-Darnley Bay Resources, logistical site support manager-Nasittuq & Raytheon (DEW LINE), vice-president-Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada. Project manager-Red Boat Solutions Inc.-focus on northern housing solutions.

Why I'm running: 

I am running for MLA to ensure the residents of Nunakput have a voice in the Legislative Assembly. Nunakput is in need of strong, effective leadership that will work in each of the four communities while thinking globally. Moving forward I would like to see issues such as the much needed housing, education, employment, well-being and climate change (shore erosion, melting permafrost affecting infrastructure) re-evaluated and addressed with involvement of our regional resources.

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