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Robert Hawkins, Yellowknife Centre

Family status: Married with two great boys.

Age: 44

Residence: I've lived downtown for the past 16 years - Yellowknife Centre resident

Education: Mechanical Engineering diploma from SAIT


Three years, Yellowknife city councillor
12 Years, Yellowknife Centre MLA
Small business experience (computer business in the mid 1990s)
Worked as a project officer with the Federal Gov't
Worked as a GIS tech with Indian and Northern Affairs
Worked in various departments with the GNWT (Justice & MACA)
Lifelong volunteer with a number of service and community organizations (Rotary, Lions, Disabilities ... etc)

Why I'm running: 

As a lifelong Northerner, I truly believe in service to our community and I know we can make all our families successful.

We can do much more to solve the high cost of living; we can do more for our seniors; we can support those in need with dignity through assistance programs, social housing and homelessness initiatives. And just as importantly, we can do more for our Aurora College while focusing on bring quality jobs and economic growth north.

Experience matters and I’m a progressive and energetic voice that works hard and will keep working until the job gets done. 

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