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Rosemary Gill, Nahendeh

Family Status: Widow

Age: Did not answer

Residence:Fort Simpson

Education: Attended Sir John Franklin High School, the Teacher Education Program at Thebacha Campus, Aurora College, U of A B.Ed program and an after-degree program in Aboriginal Governance at U of Vic

Experience: I currently work as the regional program head for Aurora College. I have worked in education, management, and community development in northern Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. I have taught in elementary, secondary, and at the post-secondary education level. I've worked for provincial, territorial as well as First Nation governments. I also owned a consulting business while residing in northern B.C. I've served on various boards and associations such as: Nogha Enterprises Ltd., Aurora College board of governors, Watson Lake School council, Wildrose Native Women's Association.

Why I'm running: 

I've been fortunate to take advantage of educational opportunities available which has enabled me to experience a variety of occupations throughout my career. My life's work has been in serving the public interest. My experience has given me opportunities to demonstrate strong leadership skills, and to work cooperatively as part of a team with all levels of government. I feel it's important to give back to my community. I hear the issues and concerns of this region and want to be part of a positive change as I'm also committed to making the North the best place to live and work.  

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