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Ronald Bonnetrouge, Deh Cho

Family Status: I am in a common-law relationship and have four grown children and five grandchildren.
Age: I am currently 57 years of age.

Residence: I am from Ft. Providence, NT.
Experience: My past experience in politics is as former chief of the Deh Gah Gotie Dene Band. Involvement in the Deh Cho Process
at regional meetings.

Why I'm running: 

I believe I have gained valuable experience in leadership roles building trust and consensus on common issues. Being a strong leader with strong convictions and strong work ethics does allow me to represent the interests and issues of the Deh Cho riding constituents.

My platform includes: seeing completion of the Deh Cho Process negotiations, youth issues, First Nations spiritual healing and rehabilitation centre, elders health and homecare, housing, biomass initiatives.

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