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Rocky (R.J.) Simpson, Hay River North

Family status: Common-law, no children

Age: 35

Residence: Hay River, NT

Education: I received my Bachelor of Arts, major in Psychology, from Grant MacEwan University in 2011 and my Juris Doctor (law degree) from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2014.

Experience: Prior to attending university I worked for various local and Northern companies, including Maskwa engineering, the Government of Canada, and the Metis Nation Local 51. I began working for Concept Energy Services Ltd. in 2004 and have remained there ever since, in varying capacities. At Concept I've performed labour, construction, administrative, IT and management duties. I have sat on the board of the Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre, volunteered for years with the Canada-Ghana Education Project, and while at law school was the president of the Aboriginal Law Students' Association.

Why I'm running: 

I am running because I recognize our town's potential and I want to help us live up to it. I always hear comments that our issues aren't being addressed in the Legislature, our interests aren't being fought for, and our voices aren't being heard. I believe I have the energy, drive, and focus to fight for Hay River and make a real difference for this town.

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