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Wally Schumann, Hay River South

Family status: Married

Age: 52

Residence: Hay River South

Education: Red Seal-certified Auto Body Journeyperson

Experience: Owner of Poison Graphics, the largest sign manufacturing company in the NWT,past president of Hay River Métis Government Council, director on Hay River Chamber of Commerce and NWT Manufacturers Association, member of NWT Chamber of Mines Aboriginal Participation Committee

Why I'm running: 

I have always believed in giving back to a community that has given me so much. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to raise a family and grow a business in what was once one of the most exciting communities for economic growth in the North. Sadly, economic decline and social stagnation is hurting our businesses, our families, our elders and our youth. It’s time to get Hay River back on the road to prosperity.

I want to help our businesses prosper with investment and growth opportunities. I want to help our families and seniors thrive in an affordable community with top notch services. I also want to help our youth flourish with academic success and be inspired to grow their careers in our communities.

I believe by working with constituents, we can re-energize the Hub of the North for a brighter future for us all. My plan is to do this by focusing on three main areas:

Economic growth: Businesses and families are struggling to get ahead. We need to raise the federal tax exemption, jump-start economic growth initiatives and revamp the shipping sector to bring more business, better jobs and more money into the region.

Education: The future of our more vulnerable citizens is at stake. The education system is broken. We need to take a good look at how funding is rolled out to make sure our English and French schools can be sustainably supported. We also need to push ERI to improve attendance, academic success, graduation rates, and support for inclusive classrooms.

Collaboration: Many Hay River residents feel their interests are very removed from the legislative assembly. We need a leader who can see the bigger picture and create links between community stakeholders and all levels of government to create relevant and sustainable solutions that benefit everyone.


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