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Kevin O'Reilly, Frame Lake

Family status: Married, two adult children at university

Age: 57

Residence: Forrest Drive, Yellowknife (in the Frame Lake electoral district)

Education: Master of Arts in Planning, Bachelor in Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo

Experience: Has lived in the Frame Lake riding for 24 years, 30 years in Yellowknife. Yellowknife City Council 1998-2006. Work experience with aboriginal, federal and territorial government agencies on land use planning, environmental assessment and resource management. Volunteer work with Alternatives North, Ecology North, Wade Hamer Hockey League, Canadian Crossroads International (international development) and others.

Why I'm running: 

This is an important time for you as a resident of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.

Devolution has empowered us to make significant decisions that will determine the future of the North. Renewable energy can reduce the cost of living and create jobs. Lessons learned and new approaches lead to better strategies for dealing with social issues.

We have the opportunity to build a new North – one where we truly come into our own.  We have the resources, the strengths of our diverse cultures and the creativity to take our place on the world stage.  We have the chance, right now, to do it better up here.

During my 30 years of living in the North I have always been determined to build a better NWT. Renewable energy. Housing First. Cold weather technology. These are just some of the very real possibilities for us. Let’s build a northern economy for the 21st century – and bring everyone along.

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