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Julie Green, Yellowknife Centre

Family status: Married

Age: 55

Residence: Yellowknife Centre

Education: B.A. (Hons) U of Saskatchewan, M.A. (History) U of Calgary, M.A. (Journalism) U of Western Ontario, Certificate in Fundraising Management (Ryerson University)

Experience: CBC Radio – 16 years in three locations – focus on resource development; director of Community Relations – YWCA Yellowknife (three years); Self-employed communications and fundraising consultant (three years)

Why I'm running: 

It’s time for a new vision and new energy in Yellowknife Centre. It’s time for change.

Yellowknife Centre is located in the heart of the city, our territorial capital. In the last decade, the downtown has been neglected. There are more “for lease” signs in store windows, a growing number of people with nowhere to live, people leaving because they find the cost of living unaffordable, and seniors facing a desperate shortage of supported housing. There’s a general malaise that undermines the Yellowknife that I used to know as a vibrant, thriving and caring community.

We need to increase affordable housing options for low income families, offer additional supported housing for seniors (Aven Pavilion), use the Housing First model to provide housing for people who are homeless. We need to find ways to reduce the cost of living by supplementing heating and power costs with alternative energy methods that will also reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We need to invest in jobs that create the greatest local benefits while at the same time protecting the environment, an effort that will require research, teamwork and determination.

I have the skills, experience and leadership ability to work as part of a team to solve these problems. I have a broad knowledge of local and territorial economic issues obtained as CBC’s resource development reporter for the NWT for nine years. After I left CBC, I was a key participant in the development of the anti-poverty strategy and action plan. I have business experience too, as co-owner of McKenna Funeral Home. I have been on the boards of the Yellowknife Housing Authority, United Way NWT, Northern United Place and the City of Yellowknife’s social issues committee. I work hard, I deliver on the commitments I make and I get things done. With your vote, we can make change happen in Yellowknife Centre.

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