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Robert (Bob) McLeod, Yellowknife South

Family status: married

Age: 63

Residence: 14 Braathen Avenue, Yellowknife, NWT

Education: Diploma, National Defence College

                 Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta

                 Honours Diploma in Administrative Management, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Experience: 28 years public service

                  Four years territorial minister

                  Four years premier of the Northwest Territories

Why I'm running: 

It has been a pleasure to serve the people of Yellowknife South for the past eight years and the NWT as premier for the past four years. I want to keep and make Yellowknife and the NWT as the best place to live, work and invest in for my family and all the people of the NWT.

We have accomplished a great deal over the past term but we still have many challenges to overcome. Cost of living, population migration rates, the high cost of energy, reduced resource investments and many social issues need to be addressed.

After four years as your premier, I know how much work lies ahead and I will rededicate my efforts to meet the challenges head on to fulfill the potential of the NWT.

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