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Shane Thompson, Nahendeh

Family status: single father of seven children and five grandchildren

Age: 52

Residence: Fort Simpson, NWT

Education: Presently working on my Master Certificate in Evaluation with the University of Victoria and University of Carleton

Recreation Leadership Program diploma - Aurora Campus

Diamond Jenness Secondary School - Hay River


* 23 + years as the Regional Sport and Recreation Coordinator for the Dehcho Region (Nahendeh riding communities)

* Over 24 years as a Justice of the Peace for Fort Simpson, the region and the NWT

* 8 years as a Facilitator for Northern Youth Abroad Program

* 8 years as the President of the Seven Spruce Golf Course

* 6 years serving the District Education Authority board with 4 years as Chairperson

* 23 years involved as a coach and an avid volunteer for various youth and adult programs

* Founding member of the Mackenzie Recreation Association

Why I'm running: 

First off , I am not running for the position but in my opinion I am applying for the position of Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Nahendeh riding.  Like most jobs worth having you needed to apply for the job and that is what I am doing. I want the job of representing all the people of the Nahendeh for the next four years.

I have always felt that Members of the Legislative Assembly should be individuals who are willing to listen to the people, identify the issues, seek all the facts, and ultimately work towards solutions. In some situations it may be necessary to work harder to find alternative ways to get things done. This has been my approach in my career with the Government of the Northwest Territories working hard to creatively address difficult situations. For me, it has always been about working for the people and communities of the Dehcho Region to meet common needs and goals.


As a candidate that cares, I commit to the following:

·         What is important to the communities is important to me and I will be your voice within the Legislative Assembly for the next four years.

·         Along with some issues, solutions can also reside at the local level.  I will work with you and local agencies to create solutions in a timely manner.

·         Do the work to restore people’s trust in government and make it so the “Government of the Northwest Territories is working for the people.”

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