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Caroline Cochrane-Johnson, Range Lake

Family status: Blended family with four adult children

Age: 54 

Residence: 201 Magrum Crescent, Range Lake riding, Yellowknife NT

Education: Degree in Social Work

Experience: I have worked within my father's mineral exploration company (Titan Drilling) since I was a young girl and continued in business and financial management until 1994 when I pursued my degree in Social Work.  Since then I have focused the last 20 years in leadership and management positions within the non-profit sector. During this time I was successfully able to take two non-profits (one being the Centre for Northern Families) from a place of serious deficit to a sustainable financial position. 

Why I'm running: 

I am running for MLA Range Lake because I am concerned with the high cost of living, unstable economy, lack of community supports, and climate change. I have a strong background in financial and business management, policy development and implementing best practice standards. I believe my skills will be an asset in ensuring that we develop, and adhere to, a comprehensive strategic plan that considers the economy, environment, and community needs. I am from this community, I plan to retire in this community, and I am committed to this community. 

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