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Do you support the concept of excluding 40 per cent of the territory from development permanently?

Some candidates are fully in support of the 40 percent figure for land protected from development, while others are dead set against it. Then there are those on the fence who either want it as a starting point for discussions and others who will rely on their constituents for further direction after they get elected. 

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

Do we need a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in the territory? Why or why not?

On the subject of a treatment center, most of the candidates are in agreement: Yes! We need one. None of the candidates are against the idea of more and better programs but some are mindful of what hasn't worked in the past. They are wary of the costs of another expensive solution that fails to help people struggling with addictions to manage and achieve recovery. 

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

Which of the following steps would you take to decrease the cost of living in the NWT, and why? Tax break, subsidies, government spending on infrastructure, or none of the above?

When it comes to reducing the cost of living in the North, building energy and transportation infrastructure is on the list of many candidiates.

Thumbs up agree, thumbs down disagree.

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