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Final results in - Heyck claims victory; only two council incumbents return

Mayor elect Mark Heyck and former mayor Gord Van Tighem

Mark Heyck finishes the mayoral race with 2008 votes -- more than 300 more than Tim Doyle.

Twenty-seven-year-old Dan Wong finishes first among city council candidates with 2689 votes -- nearly 400 more than his closest challenger Adrian Bell. Rounding out council is Niels Konge, Rebecca Alty, Bob Brooks,  Phil Moon Son, Cory Vanthuyne and Linda Bussey.

Incumbents Lydia Bardak and Amanda Mallon heading for defeat

With 29 out of 32 polls showing, it appears likely two-term city councillor Lydia Bardak will not be returning to city council this fall. She currently sits more than 200 votes out of eighth place with 1641 votes. Amanda Mallon, who served a single term, is also on the outside looking in with 1742 votes. The Dan Wong surge continues: he leads all council candidates by more than 200 votes with 2435 votes cast in his name.

Mayor-elect Mark Heyck

Mayor elect Mark heyck and his wife Amy Heyck

"I feel very excited, and honoured," said mayor elect Mark Heyck, celebrating with his partner Amy Lea. He went onto concede he and city council must work on communications issues at city hall.

"We will work on it."

He thought election was a great opportunity to talk about serious issues.


More council results -- Wong continues surge in the polls

 Top vote getter Dan Wong.

Dan Wong, a climate change advisor with the GNWT, continues strong showing with 25 of 32 stations reporting. He now has over 2,000 votes.

In second place, Adrian Bell, followed by Niels Konge, Rebecca Alty, Phil Moon Son, Bob Brooks, Cory Vanthuyne, and Linda Bussey

Incumbent Amanda Mallon is in ninth place, out of council spot, as is Lydia Bardak in tenth.

Tim Doyle concedes election to Mark Heyck

Tim Doyle, the self-described voice for change, has conceded the mayoral race to longtime city councillor Mark Heyck  to Yellowknifer at 9:57 p.m. after arriving at city hall, with 29 out of 32 polls showing.

"Roughly the same number of people who voted for me voted against the Con project. I made a few errors. I think if there had been another week or two I could've won it."

Says some of the issues raised during the election campaign will carry on with city council.

Council newcomers on top

Dan Wong says he "didn't expect to place first."

He knew some people expected he would finish in the top three but said he was very surprised by where he is now.

With 15 of 32 stations reporting, Wong remains in first with 1157 votes, followed by Adrian Bell with 1038, Niels Konge at 1013, Phil Moon Son with 999 votes, Bob Brooks with 946 votes, Rebecca Alty at 922 votes, Cory Vanthuyne with 907, and Linda Bussey hanging to eighth with 810 votes.

Over 50 per cent voter turnout with 3300 votes cast for mayor and 660 for city council.

Heyck ahead in mayoral race; Wong leads among council candidates

With 25 out of 32 stations reporting in mayoral race, Mark Heyck is starting to pull ahead with 1521 votes, followed by Tim Doyle with 1181 votes.

In the council race, the top eight are as follows with 13 out of 32 stations reporting:

Dan Wong

Adrian Bell

Phil Moon Son

Niels Konge

Bob Brooks

Rebecca Alty

Cory Vanthuyne

Linda Bussey


Mark Heyck's headquarters

Counting the votes at Mark Heyck's headquarters.

Yellowknifer reporter Simon Whitehouse at Mark Heyck's headquarters. A lot more people now.  Mood is a lot more jubilant and people are relieved numbers are pretty positive for Heyck. Eli purchase says he's impressed with Mark's passion. He had helped with his signs and door to door.  Councillor candidate Amanda Mallon is also there. She said she's been alarmed with the negative tone of the election and is now relieved by the numbers going in Mark Heyck's favour. She said there are issues at city hall to dealt with, mainly better communication.

Heyck ahead by more than 300

22 out of 32 stations reporting for mayoral race:

Mark Heyck: 1391

Tim Doyle 1026

Paul Falvo  576




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